Do You Need A Mouthguard For Teeth Grinding?

Jun 7 2021

Teeth grinding is a condition where jaw muscles clench and grind together, typically when you’re feeling stressed and when you’re fast asleep. Teeth grinding occurs unconciously, meaning you’re not aware of when you’re doing it. The condition causes wear-and-tear on your teeth and can severely damage your oral health.

If you wake up in the morning and notice your teeth suffering from wear-and-tear, it is likely that you’re suffering from teeth grinding. Teeth grinding is also a key sign of a cavity forming.

wear and tear on teeth

To help you, below outlines some of the key signs to be aware of which indicate that you’re suffering with teeth grinding:

  1. You’re Waking Up With Headaches – Waking up with a headache can be caused by many things, with teeth grinding being one of the options. The jaws become tight and pressured to grind your teeth. This means you may experience heaches.
  2. Signs Of A Cracked Or Fractured Tooth – Your teeth can only take so much strain, and naturally, wear-and-tear can cause fractures and cracks if teeth grinding is not treated. The molars will become flat, your front teeth will become rough and smaller, and your teeth may also crack into two parts.
  3. Jaw Pain And Stiffness – When suffering with teeth grinding, your jaw and facial structure is under constant pressure. This means it would be difficult to open and close your mouth, particularly when biting down on food. Your jaw may also click as your jaw moves.
  4. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) – The jaw can become inflamed through regular teeth grinding. Although, TMJ discomfort does usually go away by itself through simple self-care practice such as exercising and reducing stress.

a custom fitted mouthguard for teeth grinding

How Can A Mouthguard For Teeth Grinding Help?

A dental mouthguard for teeth grinding can help limit jaw movement and place a gap between the upper and lower teeth as a physical barrier to protect your teeth from further damage.

The dentist can mould a customized mouthguard for teeth grinding so they fit snug around your teeth. The dentist will first take an impression of your teeth, and internal facilities will mould the custom-fitted mouthguard. The dentist will ensure they fit comfortably and may perform adjustments before you can use it at home.

If you’re seeking support with a dental mouthguard for teeth grinding, you can contact us today so we can help you. Simply click here to get started.