Do You Need A Tooth Filling?

Enamel erosion is the process of the loss of tooth enamel owing to an acid attack. Your enamel is located at the front surface of your teeth which acts as a protective coat to protect the underlying dentin. When this is worn away, the dentin becomes exposed and causes tooth sensitivity.

Eventually, this will lead to tooth decay, which is serious if you do not get treated. Tooth sensitivity when pressure is applied to the tooth will also be likely. The type of emergency treatment you need will depend on the severity of the decay.

So, how do you indicate whether you need a tooth filling? This guide will help you determine this and tell you everything you need to know.

To Resolve A Cavity

A cavity is a tiny opening or hole, that is formed at the centre of the tooth which is developed from tooth decay. When acid wears down the enamel, this is when the hole appears. A cavity is quite common, and its symptoms are poor brushing and flossing, a fad diet and a lack of cleanings at the dentist. A tooth filling would be recommended to fill the hole and restore the natural functioning of the tooth.

Tooth Trauma

Trauma is a result of an accident when the tooth, or teeth, come into sudden physical contact with something. This can result in a broken tooth or a fracture. Either the tooth can be reattached with a bonding agent or a coloured tooth filling.

Replacing An Old Filling

A tooth filling can become dislodged owing to a minor accident, but this will cause some sensitive pain, and to avoid bacteria penetrating, a trip to the dentist will be necessary to replace the old filling.

If Dark Spots Form On Your Teeth

Brown spots on your teeth is an early warning sign that a cavity is forming. This will require the dentist to determine the next course of treatment, likely to be dental filling treatment. Brown spots may also be a sign of bad breath as well. The chances of gum disease also become greater.

Do Not Ignore The Signs…

It is important that these signs are not ignored because the chances of tooth decay become greater. Your mouth functioning will also degrade as well. This means you’ll experience difficulty when eating and chewing down on food. As tooth decay increases, the tooth will become “dead”, meaning the tooth is no longer usable.

Therefore, be sure to speak to the dentist as early as possible if these signs become apparent.

If you’re showing signs that you need a tooth filling, contact us here to check yourself in with us today!