Check-up and Clean

Preventive dentistry is the basis of all oral care. It handles basic dental hygiene to prevent significant plaque buildup, gum disease, tooth loss, and more. At Springvale Dental Smiles, we provide first-class preventative dentistry and inform our patients and their families of all the necessary steps to keep their smiles fresh and clean. Come in for a routine check-up and cleaning today to get back the smile of your dreams.

What Does Preventive Dentistry Consist Of?

Preventive dentistry encompasses many different steps to protect your teeth and gums from all sorts of oral problems. Simply brushing and flossing your teeth is one preventative care treatment with which people are most familiar. At Springvale Dental Smiles, we go above and beyond typical preventive care treatments to ensure you and your family’s smiles are healthy and clean for years to come. Coming in for a quick check-up and cleaning every six months is a great way to protect your teeth and gums from more severe issues later down the line. Our preventative care services include, but are not limited to:


  • Thorough and diligent teeth cleanings
  • X-Rays
  • Extensive examinations
  • Treatment plans
  • Fluoride Treatments
  • Oral Cancer Screenings

Preventive dentistry doesn’t stop at the dentist’s office. After each check-up and cleaning, Springvale Dentistry Smiles will equip you with the knowledge you need to continue the preventive dentistry process at home. If a follow-up appointment is necessary, our team will help you schedule another appointment to ensure your oral health is in prime condition.

How Can I Participate in Preventive Dentistry?

Knowing how to improve your oral health outside the dentist’s office is vital to maintain spectacular oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth using small circular movements twice a day in two-minute intervals is a significant first step in preventive dentistry. Just make sure not to overbrush since it can sometimes cause tooth enamel to wear down over time.

Routinely flossing your teeth is another way to ensure a healthy smile. Although most people try to floss regularly, few people know the proper technique. After unrolling 18 to 24 inches of floss, wrap a portion of it around your index or middle finger and gently glide the floss between your teeth in a rocking motion. Once the floss reaches your gums, morph it into a C shape and guide it up and down to eliminate plaque and bacteria. Doing this, along with regular brushing, can significantly reduce future oral health issues.

The last thing you and your family can do is attend dentist appointments regularly. Springvale Dental Smiles recommends scheduling an appointment every six months. Coming in for a quick check-up and cleaning at Springvale Dental Smiles can rapidly reduce your chances of gum disease, plaque buildup, tooth decay, and more.

Will My Dental Insurance Cover Preventive Dentistry?

Most dental insurance policies cover most preventive dentistry procedures. Some even cover the entire bill. However, every insurance policy is different, so it’s essential to check with your insurance provider before scheduling an appointment. Springvale Dental Smiles does offer flexible payment plans to people who might not have insurance or only have partial coverage. We believe everyone should have access to routine preventive dentistry. That is why we do everything we can to provide dental services to those in need despite their financial circumstances.

How Can I Book an Appointment at Springvale Dental Smiles?

Booking an appointment at Springvale Dental Smiles is as simple as picking up the phone and calling us at (03) 9546 1127. We offer a wide range of dental services, including preventive dentistry, emergency dentistry, root canal treatment, and more. Our services are available Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Call today and take your smile to incredible new heights!

Springvale Dental Smiles is committing to giving you sublime dental services at the best possible rates. We make you our number one priority and will do everything we can to provide you with a gorgeous, confidence-boosting smile. Springvale Dental Smiles is here for you if you need a quick check-up and cleaning or an emergency root canal treatment. If you want outstanding dental care at a reasonable rate, call Springvale Dental Smiles today and take your oral hygiene to the next level.