With the recent technological advancements in the dental industry, patients now have multiple ways to address a missing tooth. At Springvale Dental Smiles in Springvale, VIC, our dental and orthodontic specialists have the latest equipment in placing, manufacturing, and fitting dentures. Springvale patients can smile confidently with our durable, natural-looking dental prosthesis.

What are the advantages of wearing complete dentures?

Compared to dental bridges and implants, complete dentures are far easier to use and incorporate into your daily routine. You can even remove these false prosthetic teeth whenever you feel uncomfortable.

Also, dentures do not cost nearly as much as dental implants or bridges. On the other hand, the same amount of money might not give you the reliable dental bridge you need—much less a quality dental implant.

If you find yourself stuck between dental bridges, implants, and dentures, Springvale Dental Smiles can help you make a decision. Our dental and orthodontic specialists will conduct a full-scale checkup to assess which option suits your lifestyle the best. Remember: No two patients have the same dental needs.

When should I get dentures?

Contrary to popular belief, dentures are not limited to older adults. The need for full or partial dentures depends on your overall oral health, not on your age. For example, even a strong, healthy teenage football star can get dentures if he or she has already lost a few teeth due to direct trauma.

It does not matter whether the tooth loss stemmed from aging, gum disease, or dental trauma. Generally, any patient who has at least one missing tooth can rely on dentures.

What is the proper way to clean dentures?

Clean your dentures at least two times daily. Otherwise, plaque might build up and lead to oral complications like tooth decay, bad breath, and gum disease.

Before going to bed, take out your dentures, then use a soft-bristled toothbrush coated with toothpaste to remove any food chunks or particles stuck in between the teeth. Make sure to stroke the dentures gently.

Afterwards, submerge them overnight in a denture-cleaning solution. This step plays a crucial role in removing bacteria and germs invisible to the naked eye. Before putting them on in the morning, make sure to clean them again with your soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste.

How do I tell if I need complete or partial dentures?

Whether you need complete or partial dentures depends on how many missing teeth you have. Patients with several decayed, damaged, or missing teeth can opt for full dentures, while those who still have most of their natural teeth can settle for partial dentures.

What is the difference between immediate and conventional dentures?

Immediate dentures are temporary and pre-made. Patients often wear them for two to three months while waiting for their dentist to finish making their permanent, custom-made conventional dentures. After all, many people do not feel comfortable going weeks without a prosthesis.

Meanwhile, we custom-make conventional dentures to match your mouth’s specific dimensions. With proper oral care and routine checkups, they can last at least five years. At that time, you will need to get a new set of dentures adjusted to your mouth’s current size.

If you are interested in having us fit you for full or partial dentures, our team at Springvale Dental Smiles has you covered. Please book an appointment with our clinic in Springvale, VIC, today! Call us on (03) 9546 1127.