Making Kids Oral Hygiene Fun

Oral hygiene is an essential step in everyday life. This goes for both adults and children. Although, with children, it can be difficult to get them accustomed to adopting oral hygiene habits at a young age. Therefore, it is the responsibility of you as a parent to take care of your child’s teeth and gums.

Playing an active role model is key to this!

The end goal for children is to ensure the smooth impact of tooth and speech development as they get older. Poor oral health can be a big obstacle to this and can cause further health-related concerns as an adult.

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Here are some fun ways to help your child brush and floss.

A Dental Chart

Having a timetable helps you as the parent to keep track of your child brushing their teeth every day. You can stick a calendar up with their favourite cartoon characters so that they can fill this chart in every day. To encourage them, consider offering a reward to them at a frequency that suits you best. When they build up the chart, they will expect something, which will make them happy.

A Special Toothbrush

Another way to keep your child interested in their oral health is to allow them to use a kid’s toothbrush of their choosing. Let them use a colourful, soft-bristle brush that they can enjoy using.

Play The Dental Game

A great way to get them to learn about oral health is to purchase a kids’ dental kit that they can play with. They can act as the dentist performing a dental check-up or act as the patient. Either way, they’re learning about dental visits and looking after their teeth. Plus, it is fun for them.

Be A Role Model

As a parent, you should consider brushing your teeth at the same time as your child. Your child is more likely to stick to the routine every day at the same time as you. As long as the parent takes oral hygiene seriously, your child will too.

Reading Books and Videos

Why not purchase some fun dental stories about oral health? Doing this helps to educate your children about oral hygiene and is a great way to teach them how to take care of their teeth.


Helping your kids with their oral health is the first gradual step in getting them to brush their teeth every day. Your child will grow up with a dazzling smile, straight teeth and understand more about oral health. Keep it regular and fun! If your child has experienced crooked teeth, click here to learn how to prevent it.

Is it time to book your child in for a dental check-up? Prepare your child with these steps and then Contact us Springvale Dental Smiles today!