Dental Veneers

Improve Your Smile with Dental Veneers in Springvale

If you’ve always wanted to flash a million dollar smile, veneers might be the answer. Fast becoming commonplace across Melbourne, this easy approach to achieving a Hollywood celebrity smile is available right here when you make an appointment for dental veneers at Springvale Dental Smiles.

What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are applied to the front of the tooth and serve a number of potential purposes. They can be used to

  • Correct minor misalignments
  • Fill chips or cracks
  • Correct discolouration
  • Minimise gaps between teeth
  • Add shape and surface area to teeth, particularly if a person’s adult teeth have grown quite small

Most people who opt for veneers do so to achieve a smile that’s whiter and brighter yet still looks natural.

What Are Dental Veneers Made Of?

Veneers are commonly made from two different types of materials: porcelain or composite resin. Porcelain veneers are bonded to the front of the tooth in one piece, while composite resin veneers cover the existing tooth and are applied a layer at a time. Both options have their pros and cons, which your dentist will discuss with you when you come in for dental veneers at our Springvale clinic.

How Are Veneers Applied?

In order for the veneer to sit perfectly on the tooth, the dentist may need to lightly buff the tooth’s enamel surface, and in some occasions a local anaesthetic may be required.

Porcelain and composite resin veneers are applied in different ways. Porcelain veneers are custom made to fit the teeth. They get placed in position, cleaned with chemicals, and eventually cemented to the tooth. As for composite resin veneers, the dentist sculpts them onto the tooth, hardening each layer with a light curing process before the surface is polished to enhance its appearance.

Where Can I Get Dental Veneers?

We apply dental veneers at our Springvale clinic, offering quality specialist care and a full range of services to local residents as well as those in surrounding suburbs such as:

For more information on dental veneers and to discuss which option best suits your needs, make an appointment at Springvale Dental Smiles today.