Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal in Springvale

When all other options have been exhausted to avoid a full tooth extraction, root canal surgery might be the answer. If you’d prefer to save your tooth rather than have it removed in the dentist’s chair, make an appointment at Springvale Dental Smiles for a root canal in Springvale.

What is a Root Canal?

Simply put, a root canal is a pulp-filled cavity found at the base of a tooth. If that pulp becomes infected or damaged, it can result in the tooth needing to be extracted. However, a root canal procedure can stop that from eventuating, with the removal of the infected pulp followed by the insertion of a permanent filling in the tooth cavity. The root canal procedure is also known as an endodontic treatment.

Signs You Might Require Root Canal Treatment

Though the decision to perform a root canal surgery will ultimately come down to your dentist’s recommendation, there are some telling signs that the procedure might be necessary. For example, you might need a root canal in Springvale if you’re experiencing:

  • Significant toothache, particularly when biting down or applying pressure to the area
  • Swollen gums
  • Extended feelings of discomfort when reacting to hot or cold temperatures in the mouth
  • A tooth or multiple teeth that have become discoloured

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, we suggest making an appointment with a dental specialist to determine whether your need a root canal procedure.

How Successful is Root Canal Surgery?

The treatment is a mostly successful one, with 90 to 95% of patients able to keep a functional tooth after the procedure.

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

Root canal has a reputation for being painful, perhaps due to it being a relatively complicated process, but for the most part there is only minor discomfort once the anaesthetic wears off. As for pain during the treatment itself, there’s little to worry about.

Is Root Canal Expensive?

Root canal can be expensive, but your private health insurance may cover a sizeable amount of the cost. Check your existing policy to see just how much your insurance will cover and if there are any waiting periods.

Where Can I Get a Root Canal?

As our name suggests, Springvale Dental Smiles is located in Springvale, however our clinic happily services the needs of residents of many surrounding suburbs, including:

We are one of the best Springvale dental clinics that provide the very best care from all staff the moment you walk in. To discuss your root canal needs or to make an appointment, get in touch with us today.