Tips To Remove Plaque Off Teeth

Do you wake up every morning wondering why the insides of your teeth are covered with a stubborn pale substance called dental plaque? There are two fundamental reasons why this is; your oral health routine and the food and drink you consume. It is important that you pay attention to both of these areas to begin to remove plaque off teeth. This is because as a result, poor oral hygiene results in sugars from food and drink to penetrate around the teeth as acids. This begins eating away at the enamel, and the more your enamel wears away, the worse it is for your teeth. As a result, a cavity (a hole) will form in a tooth.

Luckily, you’re in control of plaque build-up, and it is important that you take action as early as possible. We can help, by providing some tips to reduce plaque in your teeth today.

Patient getting plaque scraped off teeth

The Five Tips

  • Tip 1 –  Floss Your Teeth – Flossing your teeth after brushing and even after you’ve eaten is a great method to remove food debris off your teeth. It is a simple routine that involves placing the floss film in-between your teeth and gently raising and lowering the film until your mouth is clean. Floss is neglected by many, but its benefits are important. An electric toothbrush can remove plaque easily if you have one. If not, flossing will help do the trick.
  • Tip 2 – Scale and Polish – Make sure you’re visiting the dentist on a regular basis. It is recommended that you visit the dentist every six months to avoid going more than you necessarily need to. Scale and polish treatment is an effective solution to remove plaque off teeth and is a ‘professional cleaning’ service the dentist performs. The plaque is scraped away first before your teeth are polished to remove any stains.
  • Tip 3 – Rinse Your Mouth At Night – A common mistake people make is eating at night, whether it be a meal or a snack, and forgetting to clean their mouth at night. Either through brushing your teeth or rinsing your mouth, it is important that your mouth is clear from food debris to avoid harmful bacteria build-up.
  • Tip 4 – Reduce Your SugarsHow much sugar have you consumed throughout the day? One of the key culprits of tooth decay is sugars, and sugars combine with bacteria to form acids, exposing your enamel and the underlying dentin. Balance your diet with plant-based foods such as fruit and vegetables to reap the key nutrients your mouth needs for strong teeth and gums.
  • Tip 5 – Use Fluoride ToothpasteBrushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste is an effective method to reduce the chances of tooth decay. Fluoride becomes part of the saliva in your mouth to help strengthen your teeth. This means it’s less likely for acid to damage your tooth enamel, protecting from sensitivity as well.

lady brushing her teeth

Remove Plaque At Home Today…

Plaque build-up can be reduced at home. Fundamentally, you need to pay close attention to your food and drink and how well you’re looking after your teeth. Plaque can form itself into tartar, which is a brown-coloured harder substance that leaves stains on teeth, damaging your smile. You’re likely to need visits to the dentist to remove the tartar that’s bonded to your enamel. The tips are simple to carry out, but it is important you make looking after your oral health a regular habit.

You can seek further dental advice from our experienced dentists at Springvale Dental Smiles as to the best tips to remove plaque off teeth and keep your oral health strong  Alternatively, book yourself in for a check-up with us here!

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