Understanding How Teeth Decay

If you do not look after your teeth and gums, you’re at risk of tooth decay as an adult or a child. It is one of the more common emergency symptoms and there are a number of factors that cause it.

Mainly, it’s to do with your oral routine. If your oral routine is strong, your healthy smile will shine. If not, it is important that you understand the consequences of this because emergency service may be necessary. Below focuses on how teeth decay, its stages and how it begins to form.

Let’s read on to understand these stages whilst helping you take the adequate steps for your teeth and gums to remain healthy.

dead tooth

How Do Teeth Decay?

Below breaks down the understanding of how teeth decay. Later in life, it becomes even more important to look after your teeth because your teeth natural go through wear and tear.

Plaque Build-Up Due To Bacteria

Plaque forms around the teeth as a sticky film around teeth owing to bacteria from the foods you’ve eaten and your regular beverages such as coffee, which can cause tooth decay. When plaque accelerates, the bacteria combine with sugars to form acid, attacking and breaking down your enamel. When this happens, your teeth are under fire from decay and discolouration.

Forming A Cavity

The enamel dissolves after an acid attack, exposing the underlying dentin, and when it’s exposed the shade of your teeth will darken into a yellow colour. Naturally, a damaged enamel will present the signs of a cavity forming, a tiny opening or hole formed in the centre of the tooth.

Nerve Damage

The pulp, a connective tissue residing in the center of the tooth is where the underlying dentin is located. The pulp contains connective tissue and nerves inside the tooth for it to collect blood and nutrients. If one has a bacterial infection, caries begins to manifest themselves in the tooth, also known as tooth decay. Eventually, this will impact the nerves in the tooth as well, causing painful sensitivity.

Dental Abscess

A dental abscess forms where the bacteria reaches the centre of the tooth, and the pus liquid forms inside the teeth and gums. This causes a dental abscess which is a serious infection that can be painful.

sensitivity from an acid attack

Tooth Loss

If you haven’t visited the dentist, then its a good chance the tooth has severely decayed, so damaged that it would need to be extracted with tooth extraction treatment. At this stage, your tooth can fall out, which isn’t good for your overall oral health.

Book An Emergency Appointment Now…

The above provides some context on how teeth decay. Booking an emergency appointment is the next most vital step. This dentist will assess the severity of the damage to determine if it can be saved through a root canal, or the tooth is dead and needs extraction treatment.

Any sensitivity or gum irritation needs a visit to the dentist. Book yourself in as soon as you can to limit any further damage because the decision you make could be the difference between saving and losing a tooth.

So, what are you waiting for? We’re here to help. Book yourself in with us now by clicking here.