Your Diet And Oral Health

You already know that your diet plays an important role in weight loss and overall health, but are you aware of how much of an important role diet plays in oral health?

Yes, there is a link between diet and oral health. Let’s sum it up like this, eating the healthy foods you eat to keep your weight in check can also be considered the same for healthy teeth.

You’re likely to have heard of the terms enamel erosion, acid attacks, discolouration, tooth decay and other frightening terms that indicate your oral health isn’t in very good shape. If you hear these terms relating to your own oral health, it is likely that your diet is contributing to this.

Let’s use some of these terms to provide you with a clear idea of the foods that link diet and oral health together.


What Foods Cause Tooth Decay?

Foods can contribute to tooth decay, but likely to be in combination with a poor oral routine. The key ingredient that causes tooth decay is sugar. There are many forms of sugar, such as glucose, fructose and sucrose that all damage teeth. Sugar is likely to be found in processed foods, desserts and hot beverages. It is also important to remember that some food and drink will state that it has ‘no added sugar’, however, there will always be natural sweeteners that still contains sugar.

Coffee and Tea (if natural sugar is added), sweets, candy, sauces, sports drinks, chocolate, sweetened jars, biscuits and cakes are all examples of food and drink that contain sugar. Always pay attention to the label on your products to determine how much sugar you’re consuming.

How Do Cavities Form In The Mouth?

Food and drink cause cavities (a hole in your tooth), but what also causes it depends on how well you look after your mouth. Diet is one of the most common problems that cause cavities. A combination of regular snacking, drinking sugar and a poor oral routine combines to build bacteria in the mouth.

Sugars and carbohydrates combine with bacteria to form acid. These are triggers for an acid attack to form in the mouth that attacks your tooth enamel to form holes in your teeth. Cavities are a sure sign that your teeth will suffer from decay and damage your smile.

Girl with a healthy smile

What Food And Drink Can I Eat For A Healthy Smile?

The first thing you need to do is drop the sugars and carbohydrates. There are many different options you can incorporate into your diet so that your teeth attract the required minerals and nutrients it needs to strengthen your enamel.

First, you should consider eating foods that contain calcium and phosphate, two important ingredients for enamel remineralization. So, where can you find them?

Start by eating plant-based foods such as leafy and green vegetables. Kale, spinach, celery and broccoli are all healthy examples you can eat. Dairy such as milk and cheese should also be consumed.

Other foods beneficial for your oral health include crunchy fruits such as apples and carrots. You also want to ensure you’re eating these types of food to produce more saliva. Saliva washes away food particles in the mouth to make way for a cleaner mouth.

Finally, replace hot drinks with water. Water not only produces higher saliva levels but also strengthens your teeth so you can smile for longer.

Are you concerned that your dietary choices may cause an acid attack on your teeth? Are you worried about damaging your oral health? Our Springvale dentists are more than happy to help you transform your diet and oral health for a stronger smile. Click here to check yourself in with us today!