Jun 7 2021

Do You Need A Mouthguard For Teeth Grinding?

Teeth grinding is a condition where jaw muscles clench and grind together, typically when you're feeling stressed and when you're fast asleep. Teeth grinding occurs unconciously, meaning you're not

Apr 27 2021

What Are The Signs Of A Cavity?

Bacteria is always inside our mouths. Although, when it comes to the mouth being filled with harmful bacteria, it can damage your tooth enamel. There are many changes you can make to your lifestyle

Apr 24 2021

Understanding How Teeth Decay

If you do not look after your teeth and gums, you're at risk of tooth decay as an adult or a child. It is one of the more common emergency symptoms and there are a number of factors that cause it.

Mar 26 2021

Can Hot Drinks Damage Your Teeth?

Many people like to begin their day with a hot cup of tea or coffee, but many stop short of thinking about whether hot drinks can damage your teeth. Well, below will give you the answer you've been

Mar 25 2021

Your Diet And Oral Health

You already know that your diet plays an important role in weight loss and overall health, but are you aware of how much of an important role diet plays in

Feb 26 2021

What Is An Acid Attack On Your Teeth?

Have you ever heard of an acid attack on your teeth? By acid attack, this normally means acid erosion. This occurs when acids wear away your enamel, the hard outer surface of your teeth, but what c

Feb 25 2021

Why You Need To Change Your Toothbrush

You're brushing your teeth in the morning or at night, but you begin to notice that the bristles on the toothbrush are beginning to curl up and have become soft. What does this mean? Well, it means

Jan 25 2021

What Exactly Is Scale And Polish Treatment?

Dentistry terms have increased year and year because dentistry continues to evolve at a pace. One of those terms is scale and polish. There's a slight difference to a check-up and clean, but it is

Jan 23 2021

Tips To Remove Plaque Off Teeth

Do you wake up every morning wondering why the insides of your teeth are covered with a stubborn pale substance called dental plaque? There are two fundamental reasons why this is; your