Nov 27 2020

Are You Brushing Teeth Too Hard?

Ask yourself this question. Are you brushing your teeth too hard? It may be a question you cannot answer now, but we're here to tell you that there are consequences with brushing your teeth too har

Oct 26 2020

What Constitutes Poor Oral Hygiene?

Is your oral routine strong enough for a healthy smile? Many people believe that as long as they brush and floss their teeth twice a day, this should be enough to keep your

Oct 26 2020

How Do Cavities Form In The Mouth?

A dental cavity isn’t an uncommon dental problem. In fact, most humans are expected to have a cavity or two throughout life and are only considered a major problem if it is left untreated. Below

Sep 29 2020

Why Am I Getting Cavities?

Do you brush your teeth in the morning and wonder why cavities are forming on your teeth? There are numerous reasons for this to happen, notably coming down to how you look after your teeth. At a d

Sep 29 2020

Can Stress Ruin Your Teeth?

Life can be stressful sometimes, and the last thing people think about is whether their teeth are being affected by stress. Mental health is one key trigger from stress, but research has found that

Aug 27 2020

Dental Anxiety In Adults

Dental anxiety is a type of phobia where one expresses fears about visiting the dentist. There are many triggers of dental anxiety in adults, which is something you can read further on below. When

Aug 26 2020

How To Reduce Kids’ Dental Anxiety

No matter what age, everybody will have experienced some sort of dental anxiety in their lives. For children, it is something that’s very common, particularly if they’re visiting the dentist fo

Jul 26 2020

Your Toddler’s First Visit To The Dentist

Has your toddlers first tooth begun to grow? It is time for a check-up with the

Jul 26 2020

Making Kids Oral Hygiene Fun

Oral hygiene is an essential step in everyday life. This