How to Repair a Front Chipped Tooth?

Chips in your teeth can occur at any anytime. Sometimes, you become unaware of when it happens until you look in the mirror and notice a problem with one of your teeth. Are you noticing a crack in your teeth and wondering how to repair it?

Chipped teeth can cause tooth sensitivity, and the condition of the tooth, no matter if the chip is minor to severe, requires a trip to the dentist as soon as possible. 

So, if you have a front tooth chipped, how can it be repaired? The dentist will figure out the best way to treat and repair it.

Why Does A Tooth Become Chipped?

Just like in an accident, things break. This also goes for your teeth. For example, you may have bitten down on something hard, which causes the tooth to break. 

What Else Causes A Broken Tooth?

The causes of a broken naturally vary. Here are some causes of a chipped tooth:

  • Biting down on hard objects or ice
  • Chewing too hard
  • Physical collision of the mouth in contact sports
  • Teeth grinding when you sleep
  • Having a bad bite (underbite or overbite)

How Can A Front Chipped Tooth Be Diagnosed?

It is obvious to see if you have a front tooth chipped when you’ve looked in the mirror. When you run your finger or tongue over a suspected tooth, it is easy to identify. 

Here’s how the dentist can repair a front tooth chipped.


Composite bonding is a cost-effective way of repairing a tooth. The dentist roughens the tooth before applying a special liquid and a putty to fix the chipped tooth. Once dried, the solution is polished and shaped to meet your smile.


Dental Veneers are popular for niggling imperfections such as chips and cracks. Veneers are bonded to the front of your tooth through a wafer-thin shell, covering the natural tooth so the chip isn’t visible. Although, the natural tooth would still be in danger of cracking at some stage.

Dental Crown

A dental crown covers the tooth to avoid the chip getting worse. Therefore, any pressure in the mouth would protect the chipped tooth. The dentist will take an impression of the tooth before sending it to the lab for fitting purposes. The crown is then cemented to your tooth structure when it’s ready.

Root Canal

If a chipped tooth progressively gets worse and turns into a crack, the tooth will likely need to be removed. Although, a countermeasure is to install a root canal if the remains of the tooth are still strong enough. The dentist would need to remove the underlying nerve, which can cause some pain. Although, a root canal can mitigate the risk of having an abscess, bone issues or infection. 

Visit The Dentist As Soon As You Can…

If the front tooth chipped gets progressively worse, you’re more likely required to fork out for more expensive treatment because of how damaged the tooth can get. Therefore, the earlier you visit the dentist, the cheaper the treatment.

Consult your dentist if you notice any signs of a front tooth chipped.