How to PREVENT Crooked Teeth?

While genetics will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in the alignment of your teeth, there are some ways improve your chances of straight teeth that can start at a very early age.

A) Good oral hygiene will prevent early loss of baby teeth. Premature loss of baby teeth will leave spaces that will close before the succeeding adult teeth have time to fit in. This forces the adult tooth to move into an incorrect position. Good oral hygiene can be achieved by good oral care routine and frequent dentist visits. You can read here to learn how to keep oral hygiene fun for kids for the best results.

B) Stop thumb sucking by age 6. The thumb can displace the teeth to where they should not be. You may chat with the dentist for some advice.

C) Remove stubborn baby teeth. If you as a parent see your child adult tooth are trying to come out but their baby tooth is still present, that baby tooth may be stopping the adult tooth from getting into the correct position. You should talk to a dentist to determine whether it is appropriate to remove the baby tooth.

D) Check for airway issues including snoring, bed wetting, ear infections, enlarge adenoids and tonsils. A compromised airway can affect facial development while growing. Visit a GP or ENT for assessment if you suspect something.

E) Early orthodontic assessment. A dentist can assess the child bite development even before they have adult teeth and may suggest some early interventions to prevent or reduce crowding later.

F) While there is no concrete evidence that wisdom teeth can cause crowding, many experts have suggested that it may be a part of the many factors that contributes to crowding. If you are concerned about your wisdom teeth, visit us for a consultation.

G) Wear your retainer after orthodontic treatment. Your retainer will prevent your teeth from moving back and undoing the hard work that made them straight. If you have a lost or broken retainer, we can make it for you at Springvale Dental Smiles.