What Constitutes Poor Oral Hygiene?

Is your oral routine strong enough for a healthy smile? Many people believe that as long as they brush and floss their teeth twice a day, this should be enough to keep your oral health strong.

That is incorrect.

If you’ve continued to brush and floss your teeth, then that’s great! This is a simple yet fundamental step as part of oral hygiene, however, there is much more to oral hygiene that you make out to know.

Firstly, if your mouth isn’t kept clean, this is a trigger for oral health problems. This doesn’t mean clean your mouth after brushing your teeth in the morning and before you sleep at night. You need to keep your mouth clean throughout the day.

Read on below to understand what constitutes poor oral hygiene. If any of these relate to you, its time to update your routine today.


Diet Containing High Sugar Levels

What do you eat throughout the day? Do you go regularly go into the treat cupboard and pick up candy? Do you regularly consume sodas? This means that your sugar content is high. Sugar is a culprit for enamel erosion. That means when sugar remains on teeth, this is a trigger for harmful bacteria to build inside the mouth. The enamel is the hardest substance in the body to protect your teeth. When that becomes weak,  your smile becomes exposed.

Using Teeth As Tools

It is a regular habit for many people to rely on their teeth as a tool for opening and tearing off packaging, for example. Your teeth are not built for you to do this because your teeth can break off from the gum out of nowhere. This can also cause the edges of your teeth to chip off. If you need to open something, use the right tools, but your teeth aren’t one.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth Grinding happens when the upper and lower teeth naturally grind together causing wear-and-tear. Formerly known as bruxism, this condition occurs when you’re asleep. The symptoms are usually stress and anxiety. The difficulty is, you’re unaware of this happening, and typically require somebody inside your household to tell you that you suffer from it. If your teeth progressively get worse, tell your dentist immediately.

Brushing Too Hard

A misconception of brushing teeth is that the harder you brush, the lighter your tooth shade will become. This is not true. The shade of your teeth is dependent on the food and drink you consume, not how you brush your teeth. If you brush your teeth hard, you’re likely to introduce fractures and chips in your teeth. Brush your teeth gently at all times and be aware of the food and drink you consume.

Not Visiting The Dentist

Many people are guilty of not visiting the dentist regularly. This only does harm to your teeth than good. Your dentist is best placed to identify any concerns with your teeth and resolve them. Plus, you’re missing out on some essential dental advice that can help you keep your smile shining for longer.


Oral Hygiene Advice

These four steps are what constitutes poor oral hygiene. If you’re performing these habits, your teeth are in danger of degrading and your healthy smile becoming compromised. As part of brushing teeth, consider using fluoride toothpaste to brush teeth as it contains properties that reduce cavity and tooth decay. Also, your diet is incredibly important. You should reduce the amount of sugar you consume and replace with calcium-rich foods, a vital mineral that your enamel needs to keep your teeth white. Otherwise, dental cavities will begin to form in the mouth. 

You can seek further dental advice from our experienced dentists at Springvale Dental Smiles. Contact us to check yourself in for a check-up today!